Moontower/Moontower V2:

1894 PCB Instructions:

  • Download the atxkb/1894 via hex here
  • Download and install qmk toolbox here
  • Download VIA here 
  • Plug in your pcb and daughterboard
  • Press the reset button on the bottom of the pcb
  • Flash the atxkb/1894 via hex to the pcb using qmk toolbox
  • Customize the pcb layout/lighting/etc with via

H60 PCB Instructions:

Live Oak:

  • Gaskets: 53mm x 3mm x 1.5mm (the ones included in the kit are custom, but you can find foam gaskets that can work as a replacement on amazon you just may need to cut them to fit)
  • Bumpons: 8x2mm

Live Oak Build Instructions:

  • Set aside pcb, pcb screws, daughterboard, domes, springs, sliders, and switches from your hhkb- Disassembly vid here (there are others on youtube as well)
  • Install the daughterboard into the Live Oak case using the three screws already in the case
  • I recommend lubing the sliders themselves and/or the contact points on the plate where the sliders will touch the plate- you can put a slider into the plate to see where the legs of the sliders will contact the plate if you're unsure
  • Flip the Live Oak plate upside down and place sliders and stabilizers into place
  • Lube the stabilizers, the stabilizer wires, and the two stabilizer wire covers
  • Secure the stabilizer wires into place with the two covers and screws included with your kit
  • Add the spacebar stabilizers to the plate - The area surrounding the spacebar stabilizers is very thin so support the plate when pressing them in and press slowly, but firmly until they click. There was a report of the plate cracking during this process so be careful!
  • Either hold the plate in one hand or find two objects of equal height to suspend the plate so the sliders are fully extended
  • Place the domes onto the sliders- the domes on the stabilizer stabs can be a bit of a pain but will eventually line up
  • Place the pcb onto the plate assembly and secure using the screws from your hhkb- I recommend starting with the outside screws and working inward making sure they line up
  • Place the gaskets included with your kit on the plate or on the case depending on your preference- You'll be using all 12 gaskets so both the top and underside of the plate are isolated from the case
  • Connect the ribbon cable between the pcb and the daughterboard
  • Place the plate assembly into the case
  • Position the top piece of the case into place
  • Flip the board and secure the top and bottom pieces together using the included screws. You may want to screw them in lightly in case you need to center the plate before screwing them in the rest of the way
  • Enjoy! Also let me know if I missed anything here and I'll add it

Live Oak halp from the community:

  • If you notice any ticking/clack on the enter or shift and normal lubing doesn't seem to be helping you might want to give these orings a shot

Live Oak alternate plate: