Moontower Extras

29th Sep 2020

The Moontower group buy has concluded and all of the kits were shipped ahead of schedule to their new homes at the beginning of September. Now that the group buy kits have been fulfilled I will be making the 3 extra kits available. I realize 3 extras doesn't really cover much so I apologize to anyone who misses out. I intentionally keep my group buys small so I can continue to do this part time without burning out. That being said, if you want to vent or chat more about my reasoning please feel free to stop by the atxkb discord just please don't burn down the general chat (again). 

The extra kits are in-stock and ready to ship and I have listed the sale information below. The kits will include:

  • polycarbonate case
  • mirror-polished stainless steel weight
  • aluminum plate (anodized black)
  • pcb/daughterboard (you will also have the opportunity to add an additional pcb/daughterboard)
  • o-ring
  • bumpons
  • a non-zero number of black lab hair(s) on/around the kit packaging and contents

A-stock Pirate Black and Ultraviolet Vickrey Auction

Production pics of the kits can be found here. Also see the atxkb instagram for pics of people's built kits. There are also a couple build streams of ultraviolet and pirate black kits here and here.

  • Date/Time: 12:00pm CDT Saturday October 3, 2020
  • Entry form will be linked below and will stay live for 4hrs.
  • You will have the option to choose a first and second priority in case you're among the highest bids, but your first choice is no longer available due to a higher bid.
  • The top two bidders will be selected, but they will pay the third highest bid for their kits.
  • If there is a tie I will notify the tied bidders then randomize and select a winner from the tied bids.
  • Selected bidders will be contacted Saturday and will have 24hrs to pay their invoices until the next bidder(s) are selected in their place.
  • Reservation: $600

B-stock Pirate Black Kit Raffle

This kit is b-stock due to a small scuff on the bottom of the case pictured here

  • Date/Time: 5:00pm CDT Friday October 2, 2020
  • Entry form will be linked below and will stay live for 1 hour.
  • The winner will be contacted and will have 24hrs to pay their invoice before another entrant is selected in their place.
  • Price: $550