6th Jun 2020

Moontower Raffle: June 2020

Thanks for your interest in the Moontower keyboard kit!

The raffle entry form will be listed below starting 6/6/2020 10:00am CDT and will be open for responses until 6/6/2020 10:00pm CDT.

30 people will be drawn and checkout links will be sent out by 12:00pm CDT Sunday June 7, 2020. You will have 24hrs to complete the checkout process or another person will be drawn to take your place.

Estimated ship date is early October 2020.

The base kit price is $425 and will include:

  • sandblasted polycarbonate case
  • anodized aluminum plate (426C) - plate file will also be made available to buyers
  • mirror polished stainless steel weight
  • 1894 pcb and daughterboard
  • o-ring gasket
  • 4 bumpon feet

The form will also have the following options:

  • extra pcb (+$50)
  • extra aluminum plate (+$35)
  • polycarbonate dye pantone color ($0) - This is optional and done at the customer's own risk as the colors will not have been prototyped. See the 512 60 product page for some examples of what other customers have tried in the past.

Note: The included PCB supports ISO layout (among others!) and Alps switches as well, but I have not created a plate/tested so I will not be including this in the group buy. However, I will release plate files to group buy members so they can have their own alps/iso plates produced if they'd like.

Please feel free to join my discord if you'd like to chat or have any questions.