Live Oak Kit - Nov 2022

Current Stock:

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sale information:

  • sold in-stock
  • buyers are selected by raffle
  • boards will be sold in rolling groups of different finishes/colorways
  • sales estimated to begin October 2022
  • sales will be posted on instagram (@atxkb) and on discord (

kit description:

  • Custom HHKB case
  • Anodized aluminum or polycarbonate finish
  • POM plate with built-in slider housings
  • Poron gasket isolation mount
  • 19mm front height
  • 6.9degree typing angle

what's included:

  • 1x Live Oak case
  • 1x Live Oak plate with built in slider housings
  • 12x poron gasket strips
  • 4x silicon bumpon feet


  • This keyboard requires a single HHKB "pro3" donor board to supply the pcb, daughterboard, sliders, stabilizers, springs, and keycaps.
  • I've also designed a plate for folks who would like to use Realforce (or other manu) slider/stabilizer housings in addition to your HHKB donor. This alternative plate won't be included in the kit, but I'll open source its file to buyers and eventually publicly.
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