Moontower V3 Kit - Jan 2024

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sale information:

  • sold in-stock
  • buyers are selected by raffle
  • boards will be sold in groups of different colorways
  • sales will be posted on instagram (@atxkb) and on discord (

kit description:

  • 60% keyboard kit
  • Polycarbonate finish
  • Sandblasted stainless steel weight with engraved Moontower logo 
  • Anodized aluminum plate (Supported layouts)
  • O-ring gasket mount (similar to moontower, unikorn and otd 356mini)
  • Uses hiney h60 pcb and usb-c daughterboard
  • 17.5mm front height
  • 6.9degree typing angle

what's included:

  • 1x Moontower V3 case
  • 1x anodized aluminum plate (426 C)
  • 1x sandblasted stainless steel weight with Moontower logo
  • 1x hiney h60 pcb and daughterboard
  • 1x o-ring gasket (50A Duro)
  • 4x silicon bumpon feet


  • The included pcb supports additional layouts and even alps in case you would like to have a plate made or use another plate that supports those layouts. 
  • The case is compatible with any standard 60% plate so feel free to try out other case materials or layouts (see previous point). If you'd like to have your own plate produced the plate files are available here:
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